Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You KNOW you Want this Lion head...

Leo the Lion...
This is my new FREE piece of furniture
that we got on Sunday night.
That's the best time to go hunting for free stuff
'cuz all the garage sales are over and done with
and people want to get rid of junk!This is NOT junk!!!!
This is my TREASURE!

Did I tell you I am putting my fabric in here?
It beats the basket
jammed with scraps that get
all dusty out in the open.
Not now!
Leo the Lion is my newest friend...
By the way,
we're taking Leo off and putting something cuter on...
and sanding and painting this 70's piece.
Stay tuned to see the transformation!

1 comment:

The Currier Family said...

Are you using Leo for anything else? Cuz I would be interested in the hardware if you are going to use it. :)