Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tulle Embellished Shirt

I love Target V-Necks!
I could have one in every color they sell!
But I like to add a 'lil somethin'
on them so I can wear it out on a date
and feel like I'm spruced up a bit.
Today, I took some tulle in light pink and brown.
I cute large and small circle (about 30 in all).
Then, I hand sewed them in the center of the tulle
to the V-Neck.
I layered them so I could see dimension and
have it resemble a flower.
Next, I took an old bead bracelet,
and hand sewed the beads in the middle of the flower,
and added some below the flower for some extra bling.

Then I was done!
It took about 30 minutes
and was super cheap.
The key is taking old T-shirts and adding some bling
so you don't have to buy a new one...
that's what upcycling is!
I like it a LOT!

Happy Crafting, Ladies!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had a Plant Sale and
gave away FREE Coffee to our Neighbors.
It was another attempt to draw the neighbors out
so we could meet some new peeps...
It worked!
We met 8 new neighbors,
gave them some yummy coffee,
chatted a bit,
and sold some plants...
about $50 worth to be exact!
There are only a few houses left that we haven't met yet...
out of 23 houses on our street!
Next Stop??
Harvest Potluck!

Then, we Dog-Sat my parents pug, Toby,
at our house. Simon LOVES sweet Toby!

He was quite the care-taker!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stretchin' Out the Last Few Days...

of SUMMER!!!Wish we could've had more of these...
bonfires with the krazy kiddoes!

Spendin' some summer days...

with fun friends...
Oh Summer...
We will MISS YOU!
But we won't be blue...
A NEW Season is just ahead...
Not one tear we will shed...
We're of to Preschool..
for the very first time!
Mommy will miss her sweet little Sime...
We're excited for new things to come...
So no need to be glum...
We'll see you next year, Summer...
Even though it's a Big Bummer:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

He Finally Did It!

Simon passed his swim test!!!

This has been a summer of

overcoming fears and growing up...

We are so proud of our little guy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just like us...

This is one of Simon's greatest friends...
her name is Diane...
she has been homeless for over 5 years...
She has Muscular Dystrophy...
She is unable to work because she has severe disabilities...
She is still hopefull...
Still happy...
Still loving...
But still has no home to call her own. We have been going to Isaiah's House for two years now.
This is not to boast about our "service" or "doing good"...
I am writing because I want to share our experience...
that has helped shaped our life for the past two years.
We just go and play games,
and bring coffee with flavored creamer...
no big whoop for you...
but these ladies???
Well, they just LOVE the coffee!

This woman's name is Becky.
She is unable to work as well.
She has physical disabilities that disable her from being in the workforce.
She has been disowned by her family.
They have rejected her...
and she has no one else to take her in.

This is CJ (on the left).
She is Diane's best friend.
She helps care for Diane...
She is a TRUE friend if I've ever heard of one.
She is faithful, devoted, caring, and loving.

This is Lorrie (on the left) with an Isaiah's House worker.
She lost her husband years ago...
She had three children...
They made it last as long as they could...
Then they could not make it anymore.
She is homeless now.
She works in "The Store" to help "pay" for her housing...
which is a hardwood floor
and a sleeping bag.
These women inspire me.
They encourage me.
They are my friends.
They are real people with real situations that got them to this place.
I realized that when you ask someone how they are doing...
it could lead you to
a "divine appointment."
I've learned that by simply asking how these women are doing...
you will walk away a changed person...
because they alter your perspective of
"what a homeless person is."
They are regular people...
That had hardships that they couldn't get out of...
and they are just like us.
They need love.
They need people.
They need people to care.
My challenge to you is this:
Next time you see someone down and out...
Start a conversation...
THEY might just need an ear to listen to them..
and YOU might be it!

The Summer of the LAKE

We have our very own paradise here...
called The Lake!!Simon has tackeled the kickboard...
He has flirted with beach babes....

he has hugged pals underwater....

and made summer memories with great friends...
all of this is going on,
while sweet baby Beau sleeps soundly
on the beach
next to this craziness out in the water....
hey...whatever works, right?!
This place is too close to home,
too relaxing for Mama,
too fun for kiddoes,
a little hassle to pack up....
but SO worth it!
We love the LAKE!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Craft Day

I highly recommend getting a few girls to come over,
bringing their crafts from home,
providing some snacks to munch on,
and enjoying an hour or two of
You can make a handmade hair clip made of fabric and buttons...
only a 20 minute project,
and practically pennies to make...
a Mobile made of buttons & pearls
to hang over your babies crib
(love this one)!
or, single-handedly make a paper Mobile,
crafting in one hand and holding new baby in the other...

and it actually came out perfect!

The trick is to time the craftiness in between
diaper changes,

when all else fails,
put in a good 'ol Baby Einstein DVD!
It keeps them quiet and happy...
and you can get a little work done!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Tree

Simon and I sat down for a little art project.
I asked him what he wanted to paint.
He said, "our tree,"
and pointed to our 'perfect tree'
(as we like to call it)....seriously, this tree is ridiculous!
It is the best lookin' tree I've ever seen...
strong, thick trunk,
big bushy top,
full, lush green leaves,
firm branches, &
deep roots.
When we first moved in this home in January,
it was completely empty...
not one single leaf was on the branches.
Now...it is the fullest tree I've ever seen.
Reminds me of my favorite verse:
" I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him,
he will bear much fruit;
apart from me
you can do nothing."
- John 15:5
I think I want to be like this tree...
firmly rooted,
strong in stature,
and able to bear much fruit in my life.
Every time I look in my backyard,
I am reminded of who I need to stay connected with!

Drawer Turned Word Sign Part 2

I've made a tutorial like this before,
but I thought I would share the embellishments I added
to this gift I'm giving to sweet Jadyn.
First. take an old drawer front,
and take off the knobs.
Next, drill holes in the top portion of the sign for the wire to go through.Like this pic.
Next, take your favorite pieces of scrapbook paper
and tear off the edges,
making it look old and worn.
Paint Mod Podge on the back of the paper to
adhere it to the sign.

Cut out some letters that will "pop" out from the background paper.
I spelled Jadyn's name for this sign.
After you Mod Podge the letters on the background, let it dry for a few minutes.
Then, Paint Mod Podge all over the front of the sign,
covering all the letters.
This will give it a coating and protect the letters.
Next, I traced 5 flower shapes and wrinkled them a little bit
with my hands.
This made the flowers a little more 3-dimensional looking.

Then I cut out a bird, with a tiny wing and tail
in accent colors.
Finally, I hot glued a matching button for the eye.
By the way, I hot glued the flower together,
then hot glued it and the birdie to the sign.
All done!

I think she'll like it,
don't you?
Happy Crafting, girls!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jana Alayra Concert!

There is the coolest Children's Worship singer,
Jana Alayra,
who Simon absolutely LOVES!
We were second in line
(if that tells you anything:)We were blessed to go to on of her concerts last night...

Simon (as you can see) was completely awestruck
by how great she was...

Jana even pulled all the daddy's on stage for on of her fun songs...

There she is...
Mrs. Jana Alarya herself!
Does Simon look nervous,
or what??
A VERY special and treasured memory
for sweet Simon...
and his cutie-patootie pals!

Handmade Birdhouse

I'm gonna brag about my man
for a second here...
He's awesome!!!
He made us a sweet birdhouse
to be a home for all the little birdies
that fly around.
He took two old fence boards
that my parents had in their backyard.He sawed them in pieces that were equal...
4 side panels,
1 roof panels,
1 front panel,
1 back panel,
and 1 bottom panel.

Next, he began using his trusty
hammer and nails to put it all together.

Lastly, he used wire to hang it on the tree out front.
He drilled holes in the top and fed the wire through.

It's simple,
but it does the trick.
I love it!
Thanks, Dave!
What a special treasure made by my loving hubby!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is the Reason Why...

I haven't blogged in a week!
otherwise known as Vacation Bible School.
We have spent the last week
setting up, planning, decorating, preparing,
sweating, fixing, making,
and finally tearing down and cleaning up
our sanctuary into a High Seas Adventure! Dave and I both worked VBS
and LOVED every second of it...
so did Simon!
He fell in love with his Group Leaders...

Got to hang with his buddies for a week straight...

sang in a performance
(he wasn't as scared as he looks in this picture)...

Got to see one of our church members
represent our country
as someone who has fought in the trenches for freedom...
Had a chance to give to others in need
(the notebooks are going to the Marines who will give them to
the Afghan children when they go to their villages)...
Got to see a real ship being transformed on our stage...

The ship went from this...

to this by the end of the week!
What an amazing Team effort this was
to put this wonderful event together.
It was an unbelievable stage
that was filled with 92 kids that had a chance
to learn more about Jesus!
That was the best part of the week!