Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Traditions...

This Christmas, I learned how to make a traditional turkey.
I know...I know...I should have learned a long ime ago,
but my mom always had it cooked by the time we arrived over there!
This time, I learned the basics...and it turned out pretty yummy too!
Thanks, Mom!!
Next year, I'm cookin' the 'bird' by myself!

Another family tradition is snuggling next to my parent's pug, Toby.

Finally, our last tradition is our Christmas Crackers...
If you haven't heard of these, then you NEED to try them next year.
The first step is to pull it apart and it's suppose to "pop" open...
Simon had a difficult time opening it...
So did Daddy!

Voila! He got it open...inside is
a paper crown, a joke, and a little toy.
Simon got a yo-yo this year.
A little silly, but a LOT of memories with these little things.
Good 'ol Family Traditions.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Full Apron with front pockets $25

Super cute color scheme for an apron!
This one is already sold,
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Friday, December 25, 2009

First Train Ride with the Boys

Simon took his first train ride with his buddies
for his 4th birthday.They had a BALL!!!!

We were headed to Oceanside for a quick lunch
at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier.
I wasn't sure how the train trip would be for the little ones, but...

by all the fun sights they saw out the window.

They thought the pier was like
"walking on the ocean."
(kinda true)
Sipping water after a long walk to Ruby's with his dad.
What an AMAZING day!
We were blessed to spend that time with Simon
and his precious friends.
Simon talked about it for HOURS
(and I mean hours) afterwards.
Making memories with your kids...
that's what it's ALL about!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mr. Business Man T-Shirt and Onesie

Onesie (long/short sleeve) $22
T-Shirt 2T & up $24
This was Simon when we started singing, "Happy Birthday."
I was walking out with his cupcake
while all the family was singing.
He was VERY happy
(as you can see)!
He blew out the candles (on accident),
as he was breathing a sigh of embarrassment.
When he noticed the candle was blown out...
that made him very sad!


I lit the candle again....
we began to sing "Happy Birthday" again...ugh!
He tried to get it together...
but, not really.
He blew them out again.
This time...
for reals...
not an accident!
He pulled it together!
And blew out the candles...
(while spitting on ME and the cupcake)
Happy birthday Simon!
Mommy loves you, buddy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Simon!!

Simon was born to DRUM!

He LOVES drumming more than anything in the WORLD!

Happy Birthday, Bubs!

We love you more than LIFE!

Happy Drumming....

Friday, December 11, 2009

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Mr. Business Man T-Shirt and Onesie

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Children's Half-Apron $16

Family Fun

Our family had the sweetest time the other night...
Last year was so crazy busy, and then we all got the stomach flu, so...
we we not able to enjoy some of the Christmas holiday activities.
THIS year, we made it our goal to get out there early and dive into
the Christmas action!San Juan Capistrano had a Tree Lighting Ceremony with an amazing marching band.
We were watching them march by and decided to jump in and follow them!
We were right behind the drummers...which (as some of you know)
is Simons FAVORITE thing in the world!
It was SOOO exciting for him!
It was like he was IN the band!
What a memory!!
I realized I can't let the holiday busyness get the best of me.

These precious family moments are too special to put off another second.
We have to relish in them every chance we get.
Especially during the holidays.
Specifically during Christmas, where crazy busy is the norm!
And then we have to stop and remember WHAT Christmas is REALLY about!
Simon plays with our Nativity people when we pull it out.
Yesterday, he said, "Mom! I made a cross to put with Baby Jesus!"
(The Tinker-Toy Cross is behind the Nativity people)
This showed me that Simon knows about the meaning of Christmas.
The birth of a Savior...
HIS death on the Cross after living a life of ministry, serving, and love...
Equals: OUR Eternal Life with Him in Heaven!
This Christmas,
I am thankful for every second with my family and loved ones...
and especially my Savior!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Simon's been using his imagination and creativity lately!
It's been super cool to see what he comes up with when he plays indepently.
Like a Chef (that goes shirtless)...
A pirate...

A Rock Star (there we go- shirtless again...geez)...

A race car driver in a homemade fort...
The list goes on and on.

I love seeing Simon's mind create.
What a miracle...such a blessing!
I love how God works in our lives.
He shows us something new and rich each and everyday.
If we BLINK, we'll miss it...
that's why we have to keep our eyes open
and be grateful for the many ways our Mighty Father blesses us.
I got hit by the "blessing" stick from the Lord when I saw the pics of sweet Simon.
I have to STOP rushing from one thing to another,
and start slowing down and SEEING His goodness...
in my child, in my family, in my world.
I am thankful my child has a creative, energy-filled mind...
it's simple, but it's something I should NOT take for granted!
When I get rushed, frustrated, irritated, or whatever..
I need to remember this...

and NOT blink...

or I'll miss it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet idea!
One for mommy and one for daughter!

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Child's full $16

Full Apron with front pockets $25

Just some ideas for fun full-aprons while cookin' for the holidays.

GREAT gift for hostesses or family for Christmas!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dish Towels $7.50 (or 2 for $14)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Today, we went to the Santa Ana Zoo with our Kids Klub group....VERY fun!
Since Simon is not in Preschool, I try to get him out to local field trips with friends.
We get books from the library on the topics and spend time
reading, talking, drawing pictures, and even role playing about our trip.
As a former 2nd grade teacher, I crave this time with Simon as my little son (and my student)!
We make it fun...hang out with friends...
and learn a lesson or two about life:)
He LOVES it!
I LOVE it!
I'm thankful!

When we got home, Daddy asked Simon to cut up the soda plastic holders
so the sea animals won't get sick from eating them.
He GLADLY cut them up with his scissors and took pride
in his cutting abilities and
his love for saving the animals.
It's amazing what they pick up on at this age.
Simon turns 4 in December,and sometimes I feel like he's 14!
I love spending time with him...
watching him learn...
watching him grow...
and watching God develop his abilities, mind, and heart.
Great field trip for Simon...and for Mommy!