Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something old...Something new...

We have many treasures we're bringing to our new home...
Great-Grandpa's chair
that fits little Simon's booty,
a handmade lamp that my step-dad
made for Simon when he was a baby,

a handmade quilt that my Mom made Dave
(my hubby) when I was dating him....
it was only a month into our dating and she whipped up a quilt
for his birthday...
(she had a clue that this wasn't just dating...
it was TRUE LOVE),

and another handmade quilt by my mama
that she made for our bed
(an absolute treasure that will be passed down
from generation to generation).

As I pack up my belongings,
I am reminded of all the memorable moments in my life,
all the cherished family members,
and the knick-knacks that actually have some significance
in our heritage.

I am thankful for all
of our loved-ones who paved the way
for our lives to be as blessed as it is.

Every time I look around my home,
I will see the goodness of God,
the legacy of family,
and the bright future that is ahead of us.

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