Monday, January 18, 2010

Settling In...

I found myself a bit overwhelmed today
because I haven't lived in a space so big
since I was living with my parents.
I don't know where to put everything!
I'm so used to putting things where they can fit...
there's usually no other option!
Now, I actually have closets...
and cupboards!!
It's amazing how we can take things for granted.
Then when you are in a better place,
you really
Simon has his very own closet!
He did awesome today...
unpacking boxes,
putting things where HE thought they should go...
(don't tell, but I have to change some of his stuff around).
I can't leave all my knick-knacks
on top of the table in the livingroom.
I look like a Pack-Rat from this pic...
I promise,
I'm NOT!
Stay tuned for more pics of the new home
for our fam...

1 comment:

rachel said...

Chuckling over you having to move some of Simon's things. It made me think back to when my brother was 4 and we were going to Disney World. He packed his own suitcase. He put in his 2 favorite stuffed animals and nothing else. (Of course my mom had to repack.) 4 year olds are just so darn cute.