Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is Simon
holding his friend, Max's,
hand on our walk today. My Love Language is NOT affection...
I'm working on that.
I was reminded today how tender and precious
children are.
So unashamed, sweet, loving,
and honest with their feelings.
Whether it be holding a baby's hand
to keep her from crying...
it didn't work in this case
(sorry Alissa)!
Or hugging out of excitement...

to snuggling with a great pal
under the Christmas Tree.

It is such a blessing to see children show love through
It makes me want to go HUG somebody...
There's something too awesome about hugging,
or holding a hand,
or snuggling.
I think God created it for a special reason...
maybe a hug is "just to BLESS someone"...
OR maybe it's "just to BLESS YOU!"

That's your challenge for the day:

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