Sunday, January 10, 2010

I will Miss Our Little Home...

As the boxes are piling high for our big move,
I'm reminded today of some pretty special
reasons why I will miss living in a
with our lil' family of three...
I'll miss...
5. the sweetest, smallest kitchen
where I've spent hours preparing food,
cleaning, cooking,
and serving in.
4. the fact that I can see Simon no matter
where I am at in the house.
I never have to worry about his safety...
I can't get away from him:)
3. the ONE closet and storage space we have in our entire home!
It makes you maintain
a simple life,
makes you be organized,
and every time you get something new...
you give something away to those in need
because you can't fit anything else!
2. The fact that I can hear Simon breathing & snoring next to me every night
and never have to worry about him...
and I get to watch him in his most sweetest state...

1. I could list a 100 more reasons why I will miss
living in this one-bedroom.
I think the most precious reason
is that I will miss the closeness
and simplicity of our lives for the past five years.
There's something about
being together as a family (no matter where you live)...
appreciating EVERYTHING you have...
whether it be a huge home,
or a small home.

Being thankful for
the smallest things...
running water,
a bathroom,
a roof over our heads.
When I get selfish and want more...and bigger..
I have to remind myself that I am blessed abundantly
no matter where I live.
This home will forever be the beginning foundation
of my marriage and motherhood.
Living small has taught me to
have a grateful heart
and praise our Loving God
for ALL that He has done!

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