Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hand-Stitched Handprint Tutorial

This is one of my favorite
memorable treasures that I will
cherish for years!
You can do your own...
Here we go...
First, you will need a hoop, red thick thread (at least 5 strands thick),
muslin, and an invisible marker
(which is not shown here, but you can get it at fabric stores).Next, trace your child's hand
on the muslin,
centering it in the middle of the fabric.
This is my 4 year-old's handprint...
so cute!

Next, begin stitching along the outline.
Make sure the needle goes back into the hole
of the previous stitch.
This will help create a more accurate handprint.
After I stitched the handprint,
I added Simon's name
and the year at the bottom.
You will need a damp cloth
to dab on the muslin once you are through.
This will take out any blue
from your invisible marker.
You did it!
Good job!!

I am going to hang this in Simon's new room
and keep the hoop as the frame!
This gift takes about an hour to make
and cost you pennies.
Now go make one for
someone you love!

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