Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dish Towel Bathmat (Mini) Tutorial

I have never done a tutorial,
but I wanted to share this really fun and easy
project that you will love! goes...
First, cut squares of scrap fabric in desired measurements.
Mine are 3.5" x 4".
The squares are various colors that blend together with
shades of green and red.Next, sew squares together in pairs...
Then sew the pairs to one another,
creating a strip of 8 squares in each row.
Here are my strips.
Iron flat at the seams on the back.
After that,
sew strips together,
creating a mini-quilt (kind of).
Next, grab your trusty, durable, mirco-fiber
dish towel (mine are from Costco)...
12 pack for $6.
Lay mini-quilt (right side up) flat on dish towel.
Pin securely on dish towel.

Curve edges of dish towel over the mini-quilt
and pin all edges.
Sew all edges and corners.
Then sew down the seams of squares
going horizontally. You don't have to
sew in the middle of each square.
One seam is enough.
This will secure the mini-quilt
to the dish towel.

All done!
This took me a little over an hour!
I love will too.
You can make it bigger if you want
by putting an old towel on the back
and making more squares.

Happy sewing!


Summer said...

I LOVE this! I will be featuring it on my blog - linked up to you - on February 4th!

Thanks for sharing!

The Currier Family said...

so cute!!

jenjen said...

So cute! I love the fabrics you used! They are so happy and bright! Great job!

Thanks for linking up!!!