Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pinching pennies...

I try to save a few bucks where I can
as I am settling into the new home.
I needed to put shower curtains up in my bathroom,
but I didn't have the rings to connect them.I took some cute ribbon ($1 at Target),
cut strips (about 6 inches long)...
tied a knot,
and slipped the shower rod through.

and cheap!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Thank goodness for Trader Joes!
As you know, Simon has food allergies,
so my cookin is pretty creative.
Although Trader Joes has been coming up with
fab food for food-allergy peeps!
This is Simon's favorite "anytime food,"
PANCAKES!Simon loves to help.

Okay...with moving,
I haven't been able to grocery shop for a few weeks.
I usually put in some type of veggie or fruit in his pancakes
to keep it extra healthy...
zuchinni, blueberries,
carrots, banana,
The only thing I had in my fridge was a
half of a sweet potato!
I know...I know...
it could have been more delicious with one of those foods,
but Simon didn't care!

He made 'em,
and ate 'em!

Monday, January 25, 2010

My favorite nooks...

These are a few of my favorite things...
Great-Grandpa and Grandpa's
treasures that were passed down to my husband...
hand carved candlesticks,
old-fashion camera (that used real film),
a football and helmet worn by his dad in Jr.High,
and two bowling pins that my hubby won in a old bowling league.
Simon's first Piggy Bank
that will start holding our Haiti Fund.

My friend, Kristi, helped me with this mantle set-up...
grandpa's binoculars &
his old pipes
are Dave's favorites.
Had to show the beach wood
at the base of the fireplace.
We brought this home from our Honeymoon
in Carmel.

Everywhere I look
I am reminded of sweet memories
of my loved ones
and all the treasures they cherished.
I love them
and wouldn't want my home any other way!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Night in the New House...

This is the first night in our new house...
it is business as usual.
Storytime with Daddy...
and goodnight time.
"Not so fast, mommy & daddy!"

This is the first night in his very own
yes, people...
Simon is 4 years-old!'s better late than never, right?!

We finally moved to a bigger home
with 3 bedrooms
(I might add)!
The season has come for us to move into a home where we can grow...
and lil' Simon can have his own space
and his very own room!
We're so excited for him...
and us!

After a few tickles and laughter to get him to relax...

we snuggled him up...
said our prayers...
and hope for an uninterrupted night sleep;)

We'll report tomorrow on how it went!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hand-Stitched Handprint Tutorial

This is one of my favorite
memorable treasures that I will
cherish for years!
You can do your own...
Here we go...
First, you will need a hoop, red thick thread (at least 5 strands thick),
muslin, and an invisible marker
(which is not shown here, but you can get it at fabric stores).Next, trace your child's hand
on the muslin,
centering it in the middle of the fabric.
This is my 4 year-old's handprint...
so cute!

Next, begin stitching along the outline.
Make sure the needle goes back into the hole
of the previous stitch.
This will help create a more accurate handprint.
After I stitched the handprint,
I added Simon's name
and the year at the bottom.
You will need a damp cloth
to dab on the muslin once you are through.
This will take out any blue
from your invisible marker.
You did it!
Good job!!

I am going to hang this in Simon's new room
and keep the hoop as the frame!
This gift takes about an hour to make
and cost you pennies.
Now go make one for
someone you love!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something old...Something new...

We have many treasures we're bringing to our new home...
Great-Grandpa's chair
that fits little Simon's booty,
a handmade lamp that my step-dad
made for Simon when he was a baby,

a handmade quilt that my Mom made Dave
(my hubby) when I was dating him....
it was only a month into our dating and she whipped up a quilt
for his birthday...
(she had a clue that this wasn't just dating...
it was TRUE LOVE),

and another handmade quilt by my mama
that she made for our bed
(an absolute treasure that will be passed down
from generation to generation).

As I pack up my belongings,
I am reminded of all the memorable moments in my life,
all the cherished family members,
and the knick-knacks that actually have some significance
in our heritage.

I am thankful for all
of our loved-ones who paved the way
for our lives to be as blessed as it is.

Every time I look around my home,
I will see the goodness of God,
the legacy of family,
and the bright future that is ahead of us.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What can I get ya?

I used to work at Ruby's for 7 years...But I wasn't this cute!
(PS...Simon is the perfect model
for this cutie Children's Apron I made
out of oil cloth).
Playin' "Chef Restaurant"
on a rainy day...
there ain't nothin' better than that!

A little Encouragment when ya really need it...

I was SUPER blessed
just now when I checked my ETSY Shop.
I noticed ONE person gave Feedback...
it caught my interest since I've only had 2 sales on Etsy..
hint...hint people!!
I read it and it made me teary-eyed!
I am BEYOND thankful for every penny I make
through sewing, but...
it makes my lil' stay-at-home job that much sweeter
when I get a little encouragement
from a customer
who I don't even know.
Thank you, Katie...
you made my DAY!
(Wouldn't this make you smile)
BUBSIE'S IS THE BOMB!!!!There aren't enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe how incredibly awesome Jeanne is. Not only does this lovely lady create some of the most charming baby gear, she's also an amazing seamstress and business woman. Jeanne provides phenominal customer service and can ship a package so fast that the Roadrunner is left crying in the dust. Anyone who's looking for the perfect baby gift, look no further, and place your order NOW! You will be not disappointed!

Settling In...

I found myself a bit overwhelmed today
because I haven't lived in a space so big
since I was living with my parents.
I don't know where to put everything!
I'm so used to putting things where they can fit...
there's usually no other option!
Now, I actually have closets...
and cupboards!!
It's amazing how we can take things for granted.
Then when you are in a better place,
you really
Simon has his very own closet!
He did awesome today...
unpacking boxes,
putting things where HE thought they should go...
(don't tell, but I have to change some of his stuff around).
I can't leave all my knick-knacks
on top of the table in the livingroom.
I look like a Pack-Rat from this pic...
I promise,
I'm NOT!
Stay tuned for more pics of the new home
for our fam...

Friday, January 15, 2010

People in Need..

Every time I turn the TV on
I am reminded of the devastation in Haiti.
NO matter what channel,
NO matter what time,
the news is still showing images,
and the reality in Haiti
is still going on.
Yesterday, Simon caught a glimpse of the news
and asked what happened.
After explaining the situation to
my inquistive 4 year-old,
his face got SO sad.
We held hands together
and prayed out loud.
I want my son to have a taste of real life.
This is very important to me.
I want to shelter him in some ways,
but I also want my little boy to
to see that there is hurt out there...
to see that WE have a blessed life...
and we are called to
in ANY way we can.
Whether it be
there is ALWAYS something we can do!!!
I don't want to feel helpless
while I watch the terrible news...
I want to HELP in some way...
and encourage my son to learn to help.
Our challenge right now?
Collecting change...
it's simple...
it's not a lot...
Proceeds will be sent to Haiti
through J Serra High School...
and hopefully...
get into the hands of those that are
in a time of GREAT NEED.
Be challenged today.
Bless others!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 20-Minute RECYCLED-Couch Pillow Mini-Tutorial

See these old pillows?
I decided to use my resources
and save some money...
My son is getting a new bed
and needs some accent pillows to add
to the most beautiful retro quilt
that my mom made.
These couch pillows needed a make-over, goes....
First, you take some fun fabric of your choice.
I chose this awesome 'Dick and Jane' 1940's fabric
to go with the quilt on his bed. Cut fabric in the measurements of the couch pillow, adding about 3/4inch to each side.

Next, take the edges of THREE sides
and iron 1/4inch down.
This adds a little security to the seams
once the pillow is made.

Next, place fabric sides together,
right side to right side.

Pin the THREE sides together like this,
leaving one open side to slide the pillow into.
Next, sew sides together.

Reach inside your pillowcase and pull out the pretty side.
Slide your recycled pillow inside the pillowcase.
Then, take the open side and fold inward about 1/4inch
and Pin along the edge.
(so sorry I don't have a pic for this one)
Once pinned, sew along edge.
This will make the pillowcase fit securely around the pillow.
Literally 20 Minutes later!
I know there are more efficient ways to make a
couch pillowcase,
but I was in a hurry...
needed something to do...
wanted to save money...
and make my little boy happy!
He loves it...
that's all that matters!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dish Towel Bathmat (Mini) Tutorial

I have never done a tutorial,
but I wanted to share this really fun and easy
project that you will love! goes...
First, cut squares of scrap fabric in desired measurements.
Mine are 3.5" x 4".
The squares are various colors that blend together with
shades of green and red.Next, sew squares together in pairs...
Then sew the pairs to one another,
creating a strip of 8 squares in each row.
Here are my strips.
Iron flat at the seams on the back.
After that,
sew strips together,
creating a mini-quilt (kind of).
Next, grab your trusty, durable, mirco-fiber
dish towel (mine are from Costco)...
12 pack for $6.
Lay mini-quilt (right side up) flat on dish towel.
Pin securely on dish towel.

Curve edges of dish towel over the mini-quilt
and pin all edges.
Sew all edges and corners.
Then sew down the seams of squares
going horizontally. You don't have to
sew in the middle of each square.
One seam is enough.
This will secure the mini-quilt
to the dish towel.

All done!
This took me a little over an hour!
I love will too.
You can make it bigger if you want
by putting an old towel on the back
and making more squares.

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Work In Progress...

You decide.
Bob the Builder or Black & Decker?
I think Bob's sander won!
Thanks to my amazing husband
who has been working day and night
to provide and prepare for this big move.
I am a BLESSED wife,
that's for sure!

My wonderful neighbors
gave us this Organic Milk Paint
to use on our new (FREE) hutch.
This paint rocks!!!
Safe enough to even use on baby furniture!

I'll always look at this hutch
and be reminded that daddy and son
worked together on this...
actually I did too before I grabbed my camera;)
Go Team Larson!

Voila! The Milk Paint turned out awesome!
Love the color!

A little more sanding before it's done...

stay tuned for the final product!