Thursday, January 14, 2010

The 20-Minute RECYCLED-Couch Pillow Mini-Tutorial

See these old pillows?
I decided to use my resources
and save some money...
My son is getting a new bed
and needs some accent pillows to add
to the most beautiful retro quilt
that my mom made.
These couch pillows needed a make-over, goes....
First, you take some fun fabric of your choice.
I chose this awesome 'Dick and Jane' 1940's fabric
to go with the quilt on his bed. Cut fabric in the measurements of the couch pillow, adding about 3/4inch to each side.

Next, take the edges of THREE sides
and iron 1/4inch down.
This adds a little security to the seams
once the pillow is made.

Next, place fabric sides together,
right side to right side.

Pin the THREE sides together like this,
leaving one open side to slide the pillow into.
Next, sew sides together.

Reach inside your pillowcase and pull out the pretty side.
Slide your recycled pillow inside the pillowcase.
Then, take the open side and fold inward about 1/4inch
and Pin along the edge.
(so sorry I don't have a pic for this one)
Once pinned, sew along edge.
This will make the pillowcase fit securely around the pillow.
Literally 20 Minutes later!
I know there are more efficient ways to make a
couch pillowcase,
but I was in a hurry...
needed something to do...
wanted to save money...
and make my little boy happy!
He loves it...
that's all that matters!!

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Michelle said...

I LOVE that Material!!! I want a pillowcase out of it!