Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Dining Treasure Project

I have seen this projects on several other craft sites,
so I thought I would share it with my viewers.
I can't take credit for this cute craft,
but I can show you how to do it!
First, get a really cool frame from a thrift store...
mine was $1 at a garage sale!
Fit burlap fabric so that it fits on the inside. Dig for your grandmother's old treasured silverware.
This is the most beautiful set that HAD to be displayed
from Dave's grandma who is 98 and still with it!
Finally, hot glue the silverware in the style
that you want it displayed.
Voila! Super simple...
and VERY special!

This will be hung in our dinigroom along with
grandma's tea cups and other cherished treasures.
I love it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recycled Old Dresser turned Book Shelf!

See this cute little nook in Simon's room...
the Book Nook?...Well... DAVE took this old dresser...
and turned it into THIS!

My amazing hubby got the "crafty" bug and did this
ALL on his own
(even some of the blog pics)!
First, he took an old dresser
and sawed off one of the beams that made the drawer.
This created TWO bookshelves, instead of three small ones.
Next, he took the bottom of the drawers and cut them up into pieces...
and made them into shelves with a secure bottom.
Then he Mod Podged old maps on the two bottom shelves...
this was totally HIS idea!
It matches Simon's room because one whole wall
is covered in maps!
He painted Mod Podge overtop of the maps to make a sealer on them.
This will help the books not rip the maps as they
are put on and off the shelves.
One of the previous steps was that Dave Spray Painted
the shelves to match Simon's room colors
in a dark red.
SO cute with maps!
All done!

The two top drawrs were left in for Simon to use
with little trinkets and what-nots...
you know how 4 year-olds collect things:)
Here's Daddy and Simon with the finished product.
I am SO proud of the way it turned out!
GREAT job, Dave!!!
It was a fairly simple project
(about 2 hours max)...
and super cheap because this dresser was free!
Try this at home!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Progressive Dinner...but not the last!

I had the privelege of being a part of a progressive dinner
with 6 other couples.
There were 3 houses,
all representing a group of different countries,
where our dear friends will be traveling to for 4 months...
yes, 4 months!
The first stop was our stop...
the Middle eastern countries.
Falafel sandwiches,
variety of hummus,
Israeli olives,
and a cucumber salad w/mint.
Here are the beautiful hostess for the evening!

We heard authentic Chinese...
(good job, Jen)!
Her hubby is behind trying to interpret;)

We heard some rules that are followed in
Africa, China, and Indonesia...
boy, it sure makes you thankful for the freedom
and blessing we have here!

We heard a Russian prayer...
that's my partner in a leopard Snuggie!

Saw a little Tango from a cute couple who took it
his face shows the intesity of the dance!

A gorgeous display of the desserts...
that was ridiculously delicious
(and added some lb's to my behind)!
It was worth it!
ALL for this AMAZING couple!
You deserved every second of this precious evening!

Cheers to the Nortons...
You inspire,
You encourage,
You bless,
You are a gift to all of us!
Not one day will go by
without a prayer for your incredible journey abroad!

Don't Say Your Not Crafty!

This is my sweet friend, Rachael.
She says she's not crafty... I beg to differ!
Loved our crafty time, friend!
You did

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Concert EVER....

We bought our tickets two months ago,
and Simon has been counting the days!
The OC Supertones were playing at FishFest 2010...
a Reunion for this awesome Christian Ska Band.
Believe it or not,
Simon actually loves the HARD stuff...
rock, ska, and anything that twangs with the guitar and
beats hard with the drum...
SOOO NOT like his mommy!
Dave and Simon were off and running to the gates
of the big concert...My VERY FIRST concert too...
and I am SO thankful to have gone with my two boys!!

We were honored and blessed to hear Jeremy Camp..

meet up with some friends...
like little Max who is ridiculously adorable
dancin' and hangin' out with Dean-O and the Dynamoes!
Daddy dancing with Simon
(and his orange earplugs!)

the long awaited...
OC Supertones!!
If you haven't heard their music...
go listen NOW!!
Thank you to our buddy, Tony and the whole crew for
an amazing concert...
and bringing glory to GOD!

"There's No life away from Him.
There's NO joy away from Him.
There's NO peace away from Him.
There's NO life away from Him."
-The OC Supertones
That's right!
There IS NO peace, joy, or LIFE away from Jesus!

Word Art Tutorial (number 4)

I'm tellin' you...
this Word Art craft is SO
easy, fun and inexpensive to give as a gift...
and special, I might add!
Here we go...
First get an old piece of wood from your yard or fence.
Next, drill two holes in it,
then put wire through it to hang at the length of your choice. Then, trace the letters you want displayed on scrapbook paper.
Cut out and arrange on the wood to see what it looks like.
I traced my letters backwards on the blank side of the paper
because I chose dark colors that is hard to see lines on.Next step is to rip edges of paper on all four sides to fit your sign.
Leave a little wood showing on the top and bottom.
I used two different pieces of scrapbook paper that blended well together.
I overlapped them to fit the wood and word that I chose.
After that, Mod Podge under the paper to adhere it.
You may have to use a book overtop of it to make sure it stays down
without bubbles.

Then, Mod Podge under the letters to adhere them.

Brush Mod Podge overtop of the letters as the last step.
This will give the sign a coating and makes sure all the
letters are securely on the wood sign.
Finally tie a bow with corresponding colors on the wire
to add a little flair.
All done!
Happy Birthday, Erica!
You are a BIG BLESSING in our lives!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

No I don't have Twins...

just buddies who are 6 weeks apart!
I was asked that about a dozen times yesterday at Pretend City:)
These boys had a BALL...
first they took a bath to get ready for their day...then they put out some fires and rescued some cats in trees...
then ate a yummy power meal...

had some injuries on the way,
but that didn't stop them!...

did some cleaning up...

took a little nap...

took a drive with Simon's older cousin in a cool convertable...

and slowed down to pose for a big pic (barely)...

then they were off and running again!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a day!

What a whirlwind day today!
We have our niece and nephew in town from Arizona
and spent some good quality time together today,
BOTH of the kids lost a tooth!played a little "flarp"...
check out their faces!
Big bro is 'flarpping' and
'lil' sister looks grossed out...
painted some finger and toe nails...
crimped our hair...
made some brownies...
licked the spoon...

have chocolate mouth to prove it!
And made some memories for ALL of us!
At the end of today,
we are BLESSED...
and pooped!