Thursday, February 11, 2010

Word Art Fabric Tutorial

Rememebr this?
The Word Art Tutorial is down a few posts,
under the Label "sewing tutorial."Well, I wanted to add some spice to it, so...
I cut some strips (2"x7") in green and orange prints
that matched my Word.

Next, I sewed them,
right side to right side, in pairs.

After that, I sewed the pairs to another pair,
making four pices linked together.
Then, I sewed the link of 4 strips onto my Word fabric.
I matched another 4 piece strip to that,
but mismatched, so the seams were NOT even.
Next, I found a stronger toned fabric for the border.
Depending on your sized Word Art,
you may or may not need another fabric for the border.
After I sewed my border on,
I stapeled the finished product to a regular cork board
from Target ($6).
Pretty simple...
Pretty darn cute,
if ya ask me!

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