Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something old...Something new... (Edition 2)

As I decorate my new home,
I realize I have a LOT of wall space to cover.
I'm trying to take old decor
and give it a mini-makeover.This cute cherry corkboard was hand painted
by my sister-in-law for a wedding gift.
Loved it and still do...
but there's no room for cherries anymore.
So...I took an old Norman Rockwell calendar
that I got for free in 2007
and hung onto it for a few years.
It has some classic pictures
that will never get out-of-date!
I put a few cute ones together
and stapeled them onto the cork board.
Then sanded the black painted frame
to match the vintage look of the pics.
It matched pretty well,
if I might say so myself...

and voila!
A cute classic picture to fill
one of the blank, white walls in my
sewing room!!!
No theme required for this room...
all is fair game!

go save your calendars from 2009, people!
Go recycle and re-use
and save some dough!

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