Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Word Art Tutorial

I know...I know...
I'm addicted to this Word Art stuff
has featured in the past.
I love that you can take a WORD that means so much to you...
and create something
awesome for your home.
First, I took this piece of old wood that was attached to a
vintage table that we bought years ago.
It was literally falling off the table,
so we kept it for something useful to use in our new home.
It still has the hinges on the top
(see above) that we will use to hang it in our livingroom.
Next, I took good 'ol Mod Podge
and some leftover scrapbooking paper.
Then, I did my usual with this Word Art Craft...
I printed out the font that I wanted,
traced the letters (backwards),
and cut!
Finally, I Mod Podged the letters on my old pice of wood.
Then, I painted a layer of Mod Podge over top after the letters
were dried and set in place.
And tah-dah!!!!
I LOVE this!!!!!!!
It will go in the perfect spot in our livingroom,
where all can see this beautiful word,
Philippians 4:4
"Rejoice in the Lord always.
I say it again, rejoice!"
I chose this word because I am rejoicing daily at our
new home,
our health,
our family,
our church,
our lives,
and every blessing that we take for granted!
There's a LOT to rejoice about...
so go shout out loud a word of praise
and thankfulfulness...


YaYa's Funhouse said...

nice project. I tried to find the word art to print out letters but was unable. Could you post the website where you got the letter. Thanks.
This is my first visit, I'll be back.

bubsies boutique said...

You can pick whatever font you like off of Microsoft Word, or whatever you have. I picked my favorite and printed out my Word. Then I traced them backwards and pasted them the right way on the board. The great thing is that you can created whatever font size and style you want! Good Luck!