Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Forget....

Remember Simon's Piggy Bank?
He was starting to save his coins to give to
the Haiti Fund at our church.
I asked if he wanted to do something else
with his money and he said,
"'s for Haiti."It added up in the last few weeks...
$24.17 to be exact.

Yes, it could be more...
but it is something.
There's a saying for a ministry that I heard,
"Loose Change to Make a Change."
That's all it was...
loose change.
But every penny counts in the life of
a Haitian right now.

We're still praying for change, healing and restoration
in that situation over there.

I'm going to try not to forget about it...
I don't want to forget about it...
because they are still hurting,
still homeless,
still searching,
still needing us to help in any way we can.


Don't forget!

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