Monday, February 22, 2010

Canvas Bag Word Art Tutorial

What do you do with a plain 'ol canvas bag?
Create something crafty, of course!
My creative friend, Kelly, gave me the idea
of putting words, like "Read, Books, Learn..."
on her son's library bag.
Well...since I'm obsessed with Word Art,
I had to try it out to see if we could have another
Craft Day with this little project.Here are the basic steps:
First, print our a favorite font in Size 200.
Next, flip the paper over and trace the letters
of your chosen word with
Heat N Bond Ultrahold (No Sew required)
iron-on adhesive.
Make sure you trace on the smooth size.
The letter you are tracing is actually backwards (for now).
My trace job, stinks!
But you get the idea.

Then, iron your letter on your favorite fabric,
on the wrong side of the fabric.
The print will be facing the ironing board.

Here's the letter "r"
on a camoflage printed fabric that Simon picked out.
Next, cut out letter and peel off the paper on the back.
Place letter on your canvas bag and iron on
the word you chose.
In this case, I chose "Learn"
because that's what we try to do when we go to
a library:)

After I ironed on my word,
I cut out stars that were freehand drawn.
I like when things aren't even and perfect
because then I don't feel bad when I make mistakes!

A plain 'ol canvas bag,
turned out pretty cute...and useful too
as we tote some heavy books from our favorite hang-out spot...
the Mission Viejo Library.
I made this bag while chatting to my buddy, Misty...
it's a no-brainer craft, cheap on the budget,
fun to do while multi-tasking,
and can be done to spice up a useful accessory!
Hope you get a chance to create today!!

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Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

Jeanne I love this!! What a great tutorial. Can I come to the next craft day and make one for Katelyn?!