Friday, February 5, 2010

Fluffy, Messy Flower T-Shirt Tutorial

Here's a mini-tutorial
that is super cute,
very cheap, and
ultra easy!
First, get a girls' T-Shirt on sale
from any store of your choice.
Mine was $3 from Target:)

Next, get some old tank tops
or t-shirts.
Mine were ribbed,
but you can use regular t-shirt material too.

Next, cut out 3 circles
in large, medium, and small.
You do not have to cut exact or measure.
The messier, the better
(in my opinion).
Place small on top of medium
on top of large.
Then, pinch the back of the circles and
pin to T-shirt.
I actually got a T that had a graphic on it,
but blank could have worked too.
Pin all the circles close together.
Sew a straight line up about half an inch.
This will keep the circles in place
on your T-shirt.

Use various colors to create muti-dimensional effect.
You can arrange circles in whatever shape you would like
(ie. a heart, tuxedo effect, or straight down the middle).
My next project with one of these fluffy, messy flowers....
is for ME!

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