Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cupcake Club

I am so impressed by Dave's high school students...
they started a group called,
"The Cupcake Club." They put together an awesome birthday
for children who are in
a time of need financially.
The children have wonderful mommies
who care for them,
but this Club provides a birthday celebration
that would not be possible
without financial and group help.
The high schoolers provide
cupcakes, drinks, party favors, games, music, and
The children LOVE it!!!
It's kind of like
"kids serving kids" in a way!
We were honored to be there and support this
amazing Club!
I especially liked seeing Simon's eyes light up
when the birthday kids got their gifts!
The children were BLESSED...
and I think these high schoolers were blessed just as much.
I hope my little guy can have a
heart to serve like these students!
Gotta train 'em young...
to give to others, serve with your whole heart...
and expect nothing in return!
Thank you to those "big kids" who were a true example
of giving with your hearts!

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