Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ruffled-Tulle Baby Girl Shirt Project

Here's pretty easy sewing project
that you could give to the new baby girl in town...
Here goes...
First, get a cute, capped-sleeve shirt from Old Navy for $5.
Use left over 1"-2" strips of tulle
(that you happen to have lying around the house).
The strips should be 16-20" long.
You should have 3 total. Next, use the "gathering" stitch on your sewing machine
and sew in the middle of the 3 strips of tulle.
Then pull the thread in the middle of your stitch
and "gather" the tulle,
making it about 6 inches long.
Pin the gathered tulle (like the above picture).
Do the same with the other 2 strips...
BUT make those about 4" long once you gather.
Pin the strips so the longest one is in the middle
and the 2 shorter ones are on the sides of it...
kind of like a tuxedo effect,
but the girly version.

Finally, pick some cute ribbon for the capped sleeves.
Fold one end under and sew on the ribbon,
making sure the other end is folded under as well
(it looks cleaner that way).

It's hard to see the ruffles in the picture,
but it turned out SUPER CUTE and perfect for the
new Princess on the block!

Happy Sewing!

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