Saturday, May 1, 2010

Personalized Initial & Ruffle Buns Onesie Tutorial

Here's a fairly easy sewing project
that you should try for the next Baby Girl Shower
you attend...
First, get a plain onesie, rotary cutter, 2 favorite fabrics,
a plastic ruler to cut and measure,
a cutting mat and adhesive bond.Next, cut 3 strips of fabric,
14" x 1.5" (or so- whatever you want).
Use the gathering stitch to sew along
the middle of each strip of fabric.
Then pull thread
(like the below picture).
Once all the strips are gathered,
pin at the bottom of the back of the onesie, then SEW.
These ruffles will be on the baby's booty
and look SUPER cute!
I cut my edges so they would fray.
I personally like the way it looks...kinda edgy, but sweet too.
You could always cut the strips with pinking shears
to avoid the major fray. For the letter,
I traced a cardboard letter onto my adhesive bond.
Then I ironed it to the fabric,
then cut it out,
then ironed it to the onesie.
Finally, sew with a double stitch
on the letter.
Sorry this pic is shaded...
I finished after dinner so it was getting dark!

But it's done...
I'm giving it at a shower today...
and Baby Abby will look adorable in it!


Hannah2016 said...

I love, love, love all the adorable gifts! This onesie included! Thank you, Jeanne, for all your love!

Misty Sedehi said...

This is my new favorite!!