Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruffle Dish Towel Tutorial

Here's a GREAT gift for anyone who cooks in the kitchen!
Here goes...
You will need:
fabric of your choice
Jumbo Rick-Rack
rotery cutter and scissors
ruler & cutting board
sewing machine
micro fiber dish towel (Wal Mart or Target...2 for $3)First, cut a strip about 7 inches in width and double the length
of your fabric of the
dish towel that you are working with.
Next, fold so that the print is facing each other
(right side to right side).
Sew up 3 edges of you strip, leaving one side open.
Take a chop stick and turn inside out,
so that you are seeing your strip with the print facing outward.
Then, sew up the last edge,
turning the edges inward and sewing on top.
Like the above picture.

Next, start pleating the strip of sewed fabric.
Pin as you fold each pleat.
It should look like the above picture.

Once pinned,
start sewing along the edge of your dish towel
(about half and inch from the edge).
Finally, pick a color of jumbo Rick-Rack
that compliments your fabric.
Fold edge and pin along the seam of your pleated sewn fabric.
Sew on Rick-Rack.

All Done!
This dish towel took me about 30-45 minutes and cost about $3 total.
You can make a companion dish towel to go with this.
It is an easy, fun gift that could be given for
Mother's Day, birthdays, hostess gifts or
a Thank You to someone special.
(THANK YOU, Barbara!)


Beckie said...

These are so cute! I don't sew, but I think I could manage this...maybe :) Don't you just love ric rack?! Thanks for linking up to my party...have a great day!

Jennifer Juniper said...

This is a great way of getting a boutique towel for a little money, I love it :)