Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Friends...

This week is my 34th birthday...
It's got me feeling pretty nostalgic and thankful...
all rolled into one.
This birthday, I am MOST thankful for my life as a
stay-at-home mommy and the amazing friends
that I have,
and my sweet boy, has in his life!
Simon LOVES his buddies!
He really adores them...for reals!
Whether they are older and play more "maturely"...

or the same age and party like rock stars...

or PLAY hard as boys always do...
with their shirts off, of course...
Simon is a BLESSED little boy.
He knows it.
I know it.
WE are thankful for each life that touches him
and teaches him new things.
I am thankful for each mommy who have
taught me how to be more patient,
how to divert their attention when they're buggin',
how to cook quick, easy, cheap meals in 5 minutes or less,
how to save money while shopping for groceries,
and search for great finds at garage sales,
how to decorate my new home and make it look RAD (AND cozy),
how to listen,
how to laugh more at life,
and how to love others.
Happy Birthday to ME!
I am a BLESSED woman because of those who I walk this life out with.

1 comment:

kristine said...

So Cute! Max looks like a teenager with his shirt off! funny!