Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SUPER Simple Hair Clip Craft

I love crafting with little girls!
I got to do some simple crafting with our friends this week.
Here's something to try at home
with your daughters & friends!
Hot Glue Gun
fabric scraps
pinking shears and/or regular fabric scissors
bobby pins
buttons or "bling"
First, cut 4 large circles (about the size of a drinking cup).
You can use pinking shears to make it edgy looking.
Then, cut 4-6 medium circles...
and about 4 or so small circles.
Then Hot Glue all the circles together,
going from largest to smallest on top.
HINT: after each piece is glued, give it a little spin
with your finger to the right (keeping it in place).
This will give it a fuller look.
the more circles, the fuller it looks.
Next, glue the button or "bling" in the center of the smallest circle.
Finally, glue the circles to a bobby pin,
or stitch it to a hair rubber band as a ponytail holder.
Voila! All done!
A Super Easy 10 minute it!
Thanks for modeling, girls!

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