Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jewelry & Accessory Holder Tutorial

Isn't this cute??!!Just kidding!
I bought this u-g-l-y picture at a garage sale
and turned into something useful and super cute!
Here goes...
First, take the "rose" picture out of the frame.
Next, staple burlap over the frame backing...

like so...

Then, get a ribbon and some jumbo rick-rack
that have the same color theme.
I chose red because this is going to go in my bedroom,
just outside the bathroom.
My main colors are red and brown...
the burlap and red rick-rack make this rad!

Next, I hot glued buttons on either side of
the ribbon and rick-rack.

Finally, I put some of my barettes and hair clips
on the ribbons...
put two nails at the top for my necklaces and...
project complete!

I love this!!
It works perfect as a jewelry/accessory holder...
PLUS it's just cute to look at!
(fyi...I made those fabric hair clips on the rick-rack)
You can make this project however big or small you want.
Happy Crafting!!

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