Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Family" Burlap Bunting Tutorial

Here is a fun, easy, and inexpensive craft
you can make for yourself or give as a gift.
Here goes, ladies...
First of all, make a long triangle pattern to trace with.
Next, trace 8 triangles on a piece of burlap.
Cut triangles out.
Then, find pieces of fabric that you would like to work with
in a color scheme that fits your style.
Next, take your No Sew Adhesive Bond and trace your letters out
in the word you would like to feature.
In this case, I chose "family" because it is
simple, yet sweet
and will hopefully be displayed in
a livingroom where the family gathers.
After you trace your letters on the No Sew,
iron them onto your fabric.
Hint: I tried to use reds, whites, and blacks
and arranged the letters so the fabric all went together

After you cut out your fabric letters,
peel off the backing and iron them onto your bulap triangles.

Next step is to sew you burlap triangles onto a
jumbo rick-rack.
I sewed it twice to make sure it would stay.

All done!
The picture doesn't do it justice...
it looks super cute in person
(at least in my opinion:)
I added a red and white polka-dot triangle
to the ends of the word,
which added a little more color and jazz to the bunting.
Hopefully this can be put up on special
birthdays or occassions where
others are gathered.
Hope your birthday was the best yet, Kelly!
Enjoy, my sweet friend!


Creations By Cindy said...

Love this. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. Cindy

Jennifer said...

That is too cute! I have made 3 triangles banners with paper so far! Very cute! I'm scared to death to even touch fabric though! lol!

Take care!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Sooooo neat and soooo SIMPLE...just my style!


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Oh, my! But I love this!

linda said...

Hey girl,
Love the banner! burlap is always so fun to work with :) Thanks for joining the Craftaholics Anonymous Support Group! I had fun stopping by and checking out your craftiness!