Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word Art Tutorial (number 3)

You've seen this before.
Word Art!
I did a mini tutorial with one side of an old table in my kitchen
that was falling apart...
well, this is the other side.
The hinges were rusted, falling off,
and PERFECT to reuse in a craft!
First step...
find a font you love.
Next, trace the letters on fabric or scrapbook paper.
You will probably have to do it backwards
so the letters will turn out the right way.
I used fabric for this project.
HINT** It was actually very time consuming because I hand traced
the letters, then ironed them with an adhesive bond to make it stiffer.
Oh...I made a short project...
super long!
I hear there is a great invention called "The Cricut?"
Go buy it!
My method is basically free,
but you need about an hour when you deal with
hand-tracing on fabric.
next step is to Mod Podge each letter on you board or piece of wood.
Paint a layer of Mod Podge overtop of the finished product.

I used a Matte finish...
and I love it!
This will go in my lil' Man's room...
a blessing he will always be!


alice said...

Darling! Love to reuse old doors.
smiles, alice

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Cute and such a great and impactful word--thanks for linking up!