Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love to See them Learning

We took a trip to the Discovery Science Center
with our good friends,
Emma and Chloe.
We LOVE field trips!! Dave is a High School Science teacher,
so Simon (seriously) takes after him.
"Why do we have ankles?
Why are our teeth hard?
How come we have toes...fingers?
How do kites fly?....
What is the street made out of?
Where does sand come from?
Why do we have seasons?
Why does the weather get hot...get cold?

Where does the food go after you eat it (no joke)?!
Why do we pee?
What are these for (pointing to his personal parts)?

Oh the questions Simon asks!
Half the time,
I just say..."I'm not sure about that...
wait till your daddy gets home."
And then I feel stupid because I really don't know the answer!
I feel like I've lost IQ points since I've become a mommy...
the more questions he asks me,
the more I realize how much I don't know!
The good thing?....
Simon IS learning...
that's the point.
He can keep asking me WHY questions all he wants.
Seeing his brain turn, think, and process
is the coolest thing I witness being a mommy.
I just have to do a little more homework
so I can actually answer him!

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