Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Frame Craft Tutorial

I found the cutest frame project on
I followed her tutorial,
but put a little twist to make it my own.
Check her blog out when you get a chance!
To make mine,
I got a 3pck of IKEA frames ($1.67)!
I took out a poem titled,
"Simple Simon"
out of a Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes book
that is about 30 years old.
(FYI...I'm sorry, but Mother Goose is
seriously creepy! You should read some of those
nursery tales sometime...
sorry Mother Goose)!
I painted slightly over the poem,
but left some wording with Simon's name in there.
This is for his room,
so I thought it was cute.
I let it dry...
you'll see what I wrote later on.
Then, I painted the frame red...
and sanded it down.
Once the cream paint dried,
added some red and blue (to match his room).
Let it dry.
Then I added and changed my own
Super Hero wording for my sweet boy, Simon.
Gotta love our little men in our lives...
future Super Heros for sure!
Train 'em young!

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Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

This is super cute! I love what you wrote! Great job!