Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Easy Mod Podge Craft (for your bathroom)

I'm addicted to Mod Podge
like everyone else who has worked with it!
that's all I can say.
I have very plain bathroom that I need to add some serious color to.
I took my cottonball jar and spruced it up in
5 minutes!
You heard me...
5minutes!First, get your supplies.
Next, wrap the scrap fabric around your jar and
put a pin in it,
so you know where to iron.
Then iron your strip down on both sides.
Next, Mod Podge your surface and
lay fabric across it.
Press to get any creases or bumps out.
Wrap it all the way around.
Use your brish to Mod Podge the seam
at the back.
This will keep the fabric down and
stick it together.
That's it!
Can you believe how easy it is!
I love adding fabric
and spice to any room.
Color makes me happy,
so I like to put a little here...
a little there...
a little everywhere!
Stay tuned for more

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