Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Growth Chart Tutorial

Simon's little buddy is having his 3rd birthday soon.
I decided to make a Growth Chart
in a Western theme
because he has some fun vintage
Western knick-knacks in his room.
Here goes the tutorial on how I made this CUTE gift!
First, I took two different colors of fabric
and measured them 18" wide x 29"tall.
I sewed them right sides to right sides,
leaving one side open.
Then flipped them inside out.
Then, I found some clip art of a boot
and a horseshoe.
I traced the two on a
No Sew fusible web.
Once I traced the Western items,
I made numbers 2-4 for the height aspect of the chart.

I cut them out and peeled off the back.

Here are the letters for his name in a
fabric that accompanies the theme.
After everything was traced and cut,
I ironed them in place on the growth chart.

Then, I made 3 small strips of fabric
for where the dowel is going to go through.

I took my chart and folded the edges inward
and ironed them down.
Next, I took the strips,
folded them in half and stuck them inside.
Then I pinned and sewed ALL four edges up!

Archer's name looked better on some courderoy
that I had on hand.
It contrasted a little more.
I just pinned the courderoy rectangle
and sewed it on the top of the chart
(no fusible web required for this, except the letters).

Here are some pics of the numbers
and the Western shapes.

Numbers 2-4 were measured from
small strips of fabric that I placed a foot apart.
Number 2 was placed about 2.5" from the bottom.
Number 3 was placed 14.5" from the bottom.
Number 4 was placed 26.5" from the bottom.

I cut a dowel down the appropriate size.
I glued buttons on the end
with a hot glue gun.
I also glued ribbon (to hang the chart)
on both ends.
Here it is!
It's cuter in person...
in my opinion.
You can hang the growth chart
so that it measures 2 feet from the floor.

We hope you like it,
little buddy!
Happy Birthday!
And I hope you guys can follow this tutorial...
you can measure and trace things however you see fit.
I don't think there is a wrong way to make this!
Good Luck!

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