Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Another) Mod Podge Frame Craft

So as you know,
I had 3 frames in the IKEA pack...
I had to come up with something in
reds and blues to go in Simon's room...
(i'll post a pic once they're up).
Here's a fun craft to try if you
have about 10 minutes:)First, get your supplies (above).
I used 4 strips of fabric,
in two colors that complimented each other.
I cut them with pinking shears
about 1"x 20".
Next, I Mod Podged the frame.

Then, I began to wrap the fabric strips around the frame,
over the Mod Podge.
I smoothed the fabric as I went around the frame.

After I finished one strip,
I moved on to the second strip,
and overlapped a bit
so you couldn't see the wood.
After that,
I Mod Podged over the entire frame,
once it was wrapped on all four sides.
This created a solid, smooth,
Matte finish, that was a bit stiff and sturdy.
Depending on what type of Mod Podge,
you can have a shimmery or matte finish...
whatever floats your boat.
And Voila!
I put a SWEET picture of Simon
when he was a baby in black and white.
Stay tuned!