Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simple Craft to Do with Your Kids

Simon and I went to Michaels
and picked up a craft that HE liked (this time)...
He chose to decorate the letter "S" to put in his room somewhere.
Here's a simple way to decorate one of those box letters
that you can buy for less than $1.
First, get some strips of your favorite fabric,
along with small squares that accent well with the main color scheme.
Grab your Mod Podge and...begin by Mod Podging the strip of fabric around the letter.
Then have your little one place the squares of fabric
on top in various places.
They can be adhered by the Mod Podge as well.
This creates a patchwork effect.

Once the pieces are in place,
paint a layer of Mod Podge overtop of everything.

Voila! It has a nice finished coat to display somewhere
in your child's room.

The best part is that is is cheap,
and can be done between you and your kids!
Great way to spend a summer afteroon!


Staci J said...

That's sooo cool!! Btw, I gave your blog an award today:)

Mod Podge Amy said...

This is too cute!!

Kaysi said...

that is so fun!!!