Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20 Minute Table Runner Tutorial (2nd Edition)

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Okay, now for the tutorial:
First you get a simple rectangle of your
favorite fabric and rick-rack.
My fabric is from my mom's old stash...
probably from the 70's!
But it's super cute! Next, you sew three sides together
(right side to right side),
leaving one side open.
Then, pull the right side out
(so you can see the print facing outward).
Pin the last side together
and sew it up.
Follow that up with a seam
around ALL 4 sides.
This will create a good edging for the table runner.

Next, iron all sides down. Then, sew on the rick-rack in whatever style you want.
I sewed it length-wise,
so more rick-rack is visible.

That's are done!

It is just a little spice to put on your
coffee table, side table, or even diningroom table.
I placed snacks and goodies on it for our guests the other night...
it lightens up the room
and brings a freshness to plain 'ol wood colored tables.
Good luck!


ashley said...

I decided a while ago that I am in love with ric-rac, and this is adorable!

Kaysi said...

That is adorable!

Gwen , the vintage seamstress said...

I am a rickrack freak as well... I just bought some pretty dish towels, the kind that just look pretty but don't really dry anything...ever... I added rickrack to the edges and they look eay cool. love your table runner!