Thursday, July 29, 2010

The First Day of Love...

Eight years ago today,
I met my husband, Dave.
We look so young here!

I found a poem I wrote him in an old scrapbook...
here's a little portion of it...

"...I prayed for years for my future husband to come.
Little did I know that I had to grow some.
I had to seek God before anything on earth,
then He'd place a man in life- beyond immeasurable worth.
With all of my heart, I love my husband-to-be.
He's faithful, loving, and full of integrity.

You see, God's plan is perfectly made,
For each one of us- the love will never fade.
If we keep our eyes focused on the One who made us all,
We'll never lose hope, and our faith will not fall."

- Happy Anniversary, My Beloved!
I am beyond blessed to walk through life with you!


Dave L said...

I love you too!! Happy Anniversary. I can't imagine this life without you.

Terri @ said...

Congrats! Waiting for God's best is absolutely the best isn't it. :)

Misty Sedehi said...

What an awesome poem, Jeanne!! Love you two love birds!!

Dave L said...

Isn't Jeanne the most amazing wife!