Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cute,Easy Headband Project

This little headband is so easy, and super cute!
Here's how you make it...
First, trace any shape of flower on your
TWO favorite fabrics, plus one each on burlap.
Make 4 big ones,
and 4 small ones,
plus 2 burlap flowers.
The more fabric, the fluffier it will be.Next, take this plain, black headband...
and cover it with ribbon of your choice.
Hot glue the tips of the headband,
then use hot glue throughout your wrapping process...
just to keep it secure.

Assemble your flower with hot glue
and using alternating fabrics,
starting with large on the bottom,
and ending with small on top.
Put the burlap flower somewhere in the middle.
The key in assembling the fabric flower is to
put hot glue between each layer,
then TWISTING the flower as you press.
This will give the flower some dimesion.
Find a really cute big button and hot glue
it in the middle.

After that, fluff the layers for a few minutes,
which will give it more dimension as well.

Hot glue a small piece of burlap on the back of the flower,
leaving an open space to...

slide the headband into.
All done!

You can make several flowers
and interchange them according to your outfit!
Have fun!!

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