Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twins...TWO for One Tutorial!

Hi Crafters!
Here is a cute gift idea for some
TWINS that you know!
First, pick some fabric that could work
for both a boy and a girl.
Start with a onesie.
Iron on Heat N Bond on three different fabric colors.
Cut out in circles, going from largest to smallest.
Sew on top of them to secure.

Cut out a large circle..
I used a cereal bowl.
Take a needle and thread and make a yo-yo.
Basically, weave the needle in and out along the folded edge.
Then pull the thread.
This will tighten the yo-yo into shape.

Secure the center of the yo-yo with the
needle and thread again to keep it together.
Then, handsew it to the top of the circles.
This creates dimension and flair for the flower.

Next, I took a one-inch ribbon,
and twisted it along the right side of the onesie.
This created a stem.
I sewed along the center to secure in place.
Then I made a little leaf with the extra ribbon.

For the skirt, I took a half yard (or less) of fabric.
I sewed it right side to right side.
Then I made a waist band by
ironing one inch down on one end.
I sewed it on the closest edge near the iron fold,
which left enough room for the elastic to go through.
Don't forget to leave an inch or so open for the elastic.
I took a safety pin and attached it to the elastic.
Next, I threaded it through the waistband,
sewed the elastic together,
then sewed up the fabric waistband.
I added some cuteness to the bottom of the skirt.
The bottom was folded under and ironed to make a nice seam.
I sewed on these red balls along the very edge.

The skirt is done...

Here's the finished look! for the boy outfit.
I took a onesie,
and some matching fabric from the girl's skirt.
I ironed on Heat N Bond,
then traced and cut out a long neck tie.

I peeled off the backing and ironed it to the onesie,
smack-dab in the middle.
Then sewed along the edges.

Next, I hand traced TWO sides of a vest
that matched the measurements of the onesie.

I pinned over the long neck tie.
Then sewed along the edges.

I added some handsewn buttons to finish it off.
This took me a few hours or so to make,
but it was well worth it.
HUGE congrats to the Heinrich Twins...
we love you already sweet ones!


RedHeadedStepChild said...

So cute! I've made tons of tie onesies, but never with a little vest! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Anne Maskell said...

Thanks so much for the ideas! My friend had boy/girl twins last week. This will make the perfect gift!

Ash said...

My cousin has twin boys, I think I will have to make them the matching vest onesies! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

super cute! there just isn't a lot for the boys, is there? i love the vest! do you have a pattern/template?

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

I love the little man onesie!