Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Ever Field Trip with my Boy!

What a day today...
my first ever ever field trip with my big preschooler!
We headed to Tanaka Farms in Irvine
with all 12 of his classmates, plus the AM class....
which included his sweet cousin, Ryan.
we are lucky enough to have to the same teachers,
but different classes.
The great thing is...
we get to spend
Field Trip Days together!

Only five months apart,
these boys adore each other and
his mommy and I are
soooooooo happy!
Family get togethers are like a BIG

Simon got to walk through Corn Mazes....

Pick his (least favorite) veggie, radishes....
but he quickly changed his mind after I cooked
the BEST dinner
with some Olive Oil and stir-fried in those home-picked veggies:)

and yummy carrots....

and of course, green beans....

finally, he got to pick his own 'lil pumpkin....

PERFECT for our Harvest decor at home!

We LOVE Preschool and ALL the adventures Mrs. Summers
brings us on!
I LOVE being a Mommy
and am honored to be able to stay at home with him
and spend these priceless memories with my sweet boy.
I am one grateful Mommy!

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