Sunday, May 23, 2010

Save Your Jeans!

Here's a great way to SAVE your favorite pair of JEANS!
If there are holes in your jeans, then try this project...
First, turn jeans inside out.
Next, iron on No-Sew Adhesive Bond to a square of two fabrics.
ONE of the squares will be seen through the hole in the jeans.
So you will have TWO equal squares...
one of them will be seen,
and the other square will be ironed to the back
(like the picture below).
Then, you will place your squares of fabric over the hole on the INSIDE of the jeans.
Turn inside out and PIN over the TOP of the jeans
(like the pic below).
At this point, you will have your hole covered from the inside,
but you will have it pinned from the outside so you can stitch.

Next, take some thick embroidery thread (4-5 strands)
and begin stitching a basic stich around the hole.
It doesn't have to be perfect!
The messier...
the better!

All Done!
These pictures aren't perfect,
but you get the idea!

Instead of ratty 'ol holes,
you have some cuteness to show off...
and get to keep those comfy, cozy, worn-out,
favorite pair of jeans!


MamaBug said...

This looks like an easy way to path the holes. I have a question: did you cut away the excess fabric inside or just leave it?

bubsies boutique said...

I left it. I bet you could do it either way. I wanted two layers of fabric for extra thickness. Good luck!