Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Super Simple Recycled Shirt Tutorial

One of my faves so far!
Here we go...
First get a plain V-Neck T-Shirt at Target for $6.
Cut up an old shirt in small and medium circles
in the same color (or not).
All I had was black,
so I made it work!
Next, pinch circles together
with one side longer then the other.
Start at the shoulder and begin
pinning them on the shirt overlapping each other.

I pinned the circles thinner at the shoulder,
then got a little fuller towards the V part of the neckline,
then thin again.

Then I sewed them all on in a zig zag.
Basically, I moved the shirt back and forth in the sewing machine.
I went over the circles about two times in different derections
to ensure they were all secure.
I'm wearing it as we speak...
and I love it!
My favorite part is that is adds dimension to the shirt,
as well as gives it some flair to spice your outfit up.
Happy Sewing!

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