Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Fun

Our family had the sweetest time the other night...
Last year was so crazy busy, and then we all got the stomach flu, so...
we we not able to enjoy some of the Christmas holiday activities.
THIS year, we made it our goal to get out there early and dive into
the Christmas action!San Juan Capistrano had a Tree Lighting Ceremony with an amazing marching band.
We were watching them march by and decided to jump in and follow them!
We were right behind the drummers...which (as some of you know)
is Simons FAVORITE thing in the world!
It was SOOO exciting for him!
It was like he was IN the band!
What a memory!!
I realized I can't let the holiday busyness get the best of me.

These precious family moments are too special to put off another second.
We have to relish in them every chance we get.
Especially during the holidays.
Specifically during Christmas, where crazy busy is the norm!
And then we have to stop and remember WHAT Christmas is REALLY about!
Simon plays with our Nativity people when we pull it out.
Yesterday, he said, "Mom! I made a cross to put with Baby Jesus!"
(The Tinker-Toy Cross is behind the Nativity people)
This showed me that Simon knows about the meaning of Christmas.
The birth of a Savior...
HIS death on the Cross after living a life of ministry, serving, and love...
Equals: OUR Eternal Life with Him in Heaven!
This Christmas,
I am thankful for every second with my family and loved ones...
and especially my Savior!

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