Friday, November 20, 2009

Today, we went to the Santa Ana Zoo with our Kids Klub group....VERY fun!
Since Simon is not in Preschool, I try to get him out to local field trips with friends.
We get books from the library on the topics and spend time
reading, talking, drawing pictures, and even role playing about our trip.
As a former 2nd grade teacher, I crave this time with Simon as my little son (and my student)!
We make it fun...hang out with friends...
and learn a lesson or two about life:)
He LOVES it!
I LOVE it!
I'm thankful!

When we got home, Daddy asked Simon to cut up the soda plastic holders
so the sea animals won't get sick from eating them.
He GLADLY cut them up with his scissors and took pride
in his cutting abilities and
his love for saving the animals.
It's amazing what they pick up on at this age.
Simon turns 4 in December,and sometimes I feel like he's 14!
I love spending time with him...
watching him learn...
watching him grow...
and watching God develop his abilities, mind, and heart.
Great field trip for Simon...and for Mommy!

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