Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Cute, Super Easy Burp Cloth

Try this cute Burp Cloth as a gift for the
newbaby in town...
First, get some soft, fuzzy fabric,
and TWO fun cotton prints to make the burp cloth. Next, cut the soft fabric in your desired size.
Mine was 6inches x 12inches.
Then, cut your TWO fabrics in 3 equal sizes
that will match your backing.

Next, sew up the 3 strips.
These strips will be in alternating colors.

They will look like this (below)...
these fabrics are the same brand
and compliment each other well.
Next, place the backing (right side facing right side)
towards the sewed up cotton fabric.
Pin along the edges,
leaving one side open.
Then sew up the three sides.
Then, turn the last end under and pin.
Then sew along the edge....
but don't stop there...
Sew the open edge up,
then keep sewing around the other three sides,
creating a nice edging for the burp cloth.
I added some regular rick-rack down the middle for some flair!

And made a matching bib to boot!

Love this set!!
The burp cloth cost pennies,
took me less than an hour,
and is a SUPER cute gift to bless the new baby in town!
Have fun!!

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Super cute! I think I may make some of these tomorrow!