Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy Onesie with Leg Ruffles Tutorial

Here is an easy sewing project for
that cutie baby girl on the way...
First, find fabrics and a plain onesie.
Next, choose a design for the front.
I chose a Queen's crown that will show
the girly-girl off.
I traced my image to the back of No Sew Adhesive Bond.
I ironed it to the fabric,
cut it out,
peeled off the backing,
place it in the middle of the front of the onesie,
then ironed it on.
My final stage was to sew around the edges
to make sure it was fastened tightly to the onesie.
Then, I got the same fabric and made two strips
(each were 4 inches x 14inches).
I folded them right side to right side,
then sewed up two of the sides,
leaving one end open.
I used a chopstick to pull the right sides outward.
Then (as shown below), I sewed up the last end,
by turning ends inward,
and sewing straight across.
My finished look was two strips,
with the right side fabric facing outward.

Next, I began pleating the fabric
along the base of the onesie,
from one snap to the other snap.
The picture below shows this process.
Lastly, after both sides are pleated and pinned,
I sewed straight across.

Voila! All done!
After a little press with the iron,
the pleated ruffles add a little spice to a plain 'ol onesie.

Love it!


To Sew With Love said...

So pretty and cute! Would make a great gift this christmas! ^^)

Jana said...

Turned out so cute!

Come link up at Giggles, Glitz & Glam!

Amanda said...

Hey I just adore this! You did an awesome job!! I featured you at my blog today. I'd love it if you could stop by and say hey! While your there I've got a widget on the top right hand side. For each click it gets P&G will donate 1 days worth of clean water! I'd appreciate a click! Easy way to give back! Thanks!