Sunday, June 13, 2010

Word Art Tutorial (number 4)

I'm tellin' you...
this Word Art craft is SO
easy, fun and inexpensive to give as a gift...
and special, I might add!
Here we go...
First get an old piece of wood from your yard or fence.
Next, drill two holes in it,
then put wire through it to hang at the length of your choice. Then, trace the letters you want displayed on scrapbook paper.
Cut out and arrange on the wood to see what it looks like.
I traced my letters backwards on the blank side of the paper
because I chose dark colors that is hard to see lines on.Next step is to rip edges of paper on all four sides to fit your sign.
Leave a little wood showing on the top and bottom.
I used two different pieces of scrapbook paper that blended well together.
I overlapped them to fit the wood and word that I chose.
After that, Mod Podge under the paper to adhere it.
You may have to use a book overtop of it to make sure it stays down
without bubbles.

Then, Mod Podge under the letters to adhere them.

Brush Mod Podge overtop of the letters as the last step.
This will give the sign a coating and makes sure all the
letters are securely on the wood sign.
Finally tie a bow with corresponding colors on the wire
to add a little flair.
All done!
Happy Birthday, Erica!
You are a BIG BLESSING in our lives!!


Lori S. said...

Super cute!

Lori@ live,laugh,love,create :)

Mod Podge Amy said...

I love this!!

Doreen said...

Love the outdoor feel of the wood sign. Now I'm inspired to create one for my cousin's lake cottage!