Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Custom Bulletin Board

My son needed a place to show his artwork,
so I wanted to make something that matched his room,
and was a little different than the plain 'ol bulletin board.
First, I sanded a regular sized bulletin board
that you can get from Target (the one with the frame). Then, I took two pieces of scrapbook paper
and stapled them the center of the board.
The colors I chose went with his room.
Next, I hot glued twine on the edge of both sides of the paper.
I did this so that I could clip more artwork,
if it got to cluttered with tacks.
So I have twine at the top and bottom of the paper.

Then I used a red ink pad and scraped the edge
of several clothespins to give them a worn look.
I also just wanted to add some color to them, so it worked perfect!

Then, I hot glued them to the twine,
as well as the bottom of the board.
This will give the board a lot more available space
to display pictures and artwork!
Next, I took an old Scrabble set
and glued his name and some buttons on it.
I tried to give the letters a distressed look by scraping them
on a black ink pad.
Next, I added my pictures...
but not too many because I wanted you to see how cute it was first!

It can hold a LOT of work...
with tacks, clothespins, and whatever else you want.
Very cheap,
easy to do,
and Simon LOVES it!!!
Job well done!


Kaysi said...

That is so fun!!! I love the clothespins!

Jennifer said...

That is too cute!