Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Concert EVER....

We bought our tickets two months ago,
and Simon has been counting the days!
The OC Supertones were playing at FishFest 2010...
a Reunion for this awesome Christian Ska Band.
Believe it or not,
Simon actually loves the HARD stuff...
rock, ska, and anything that twangs with the guitar and
beats hard with the drum...
SOOO NOT like his mommy!
Dave and Simon were off and running to the gates
of the big concert...My VERY FIRST concert too...
and I am SO thankful to have gone with my two boys!!

We were honored and blessed to hear Jeremy Camp..

meet up with some friends...
like little Max who is ridiculously adorable
dancin' and hangin' out with Dean-O and the Dynamoes!
Daddy dancing with Simon
(and his orange earplugs!)

the long awaited...
OC Supertones!!
If you haven't heard their music...
go listen NOW!!
Thank you to our buddy, Tony and the whole crew for
an amazing concert...
and bringing glory to GOD!

"There's No life away from Him.
There's NO joy away from Him.
There's NO peace away from Him.
There's NO life away from Him."
-The OC Supertones
That's right!
There IS NO peace, joy, or LIFE away from Jesus!

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