Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's been CRAZY...and I mean CRAZY for us in the Larson home. I'm updating you on a few activities that we've been involved with in the past month. I am pooped! But happy:) Here's a little view into our lives starting with a Harvest Party in the Canyon... that's a hand-grown pumpkin by our dear friends in their garden! Simon and his best buddy, Cade, on Holloween night. Making that wig (or dredlocks) was a pain....Simon is suppose to look like "Sid the Science Kid"...if you haven't watched it, it is awesome! The night was full of eating, trick-or-treating, laughing, playing, and lots of memories that Little Man is still talking about...
Halloween Party with all of Simon's friends! He's the one in the red sweatshirt who looks a little confused.... A quick birthday party for the most darling 5 year-old who lives in a shelter. Dave is the facilitator of an outreach club at his school that brings cupcakes, gifts and celebrates birthday parties for children who are in great need. It blessed the socks of me to be in their precious and full of joy!

Bringing the gals from SCC to Isaiah's House to do matter how busy, I still enjoy my time with those sweethearts. They are gentle, mellow-mannered, and thankful for anyone who gives them time and a smile.

Making zuchinni pumpkin pancakes in between sewing, phone calls for the boutique, emails, cleaning, playing, picking up, and brushing my teeth somewhere in there so I can kiss my husband...

A LONG couple of months preparing for our church's Holiday Boutique that I helped put on. Hours upon hours of time was put towards this event. In my opinion, it was a success! People were welcomed, offered yummy treats, they seemed happy and content...that was the goal! We raised about $600 and are grateful to God for every penny. The more important part was that the women who came felt like they were in a place of peace and joy in our church. My bubsies booth did pretty well to...but I still have a lot to sell...Keep Shopping!!

Ending with a soccer game today where I FORGOT to bring snack for the Team!!!! (Bad Mommy)! We sprused Simon up for his Team can tell he is tired too (he's on the right)! He's been a trooper with his mommy...we ended with a nice family day today...a much over-do day together. Can't wait to get back in the routine and hangin' out with my little man.

All in all, I am beyond thankful for being sustained with strength, peace, and perseverance during the most INSANE season of my life. Not one family member got the "swine flu," I rested well at night, I made some dough to pay for Christmas presents this year, I have a home, food on the table, and friends and family who love me...what else can I ask really, what else can I ask for? Nothing! This is it! I am blessed...I have joy in my heart...and I have a Savior who wants the very best for my life. He never said it would be easy, but He did say He would walk with every step of the Way! Be encouraged...We have a Good and Mighty God who wants the best for all of us!

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Misty Sedehi said...

Through all of this business you were still able to be an awesome wife, wonderful mommy and supportive friend!