Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Upcycled Glass Bottle Project

So sorry I haven't updated my blog lately!!
Here's an easy Up-cycling project to try...
You'll need a funky old glass bottle,
a glue gun,
and a strip of fabric.Begin by using hot glue to stick the twine
on the bottle.
Start at the base, and glue a little bit at a time,
laying the twine on the glue...
repeat all the way up to the desired height on the bottle.
Be sure to use about an inch or two of glue at time,
and not more,
because the hot glue will dry.

I went up to the neck of the bottle...
I may add more twine later up to the lip,
but for now, I wanted to experiment.

Finally, I added a double-layered strip of fabric
that was cut with pinking shears on the edges.
I tied it around the neck of hte bottle,
to add some color to the neutral twine.

Then, I placed it on the mantle next to a cool beachy picture,
that picks up the colors in the twine and fabric.
It cost pennies,
took 20 minutes,
and adds a little somethin' to a naked mantle:)
Happy Crafting!!

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Terri @ said...

Welcome back! I've been missing your posts.