Monday, September 27, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

Simon had a very special day last week...
The Teddy Bear Picnic,
where ALL the mommies and daddies were invited.
I got all packed up at home,
drove to school,
and realized I forgot his Teddy Bear!
He looks a little ticked in this picture
because he was the only one in class who didn't have his bear
to receive an award, but...
I did drive all the way home
and got it for my boy...
I made it back in time for the
"Teddy Bear Hunt."
The teacher lead the kids all around campus,
searching for their Teddy Bears.
Finally...Simon found his!!
And thankfully, the teacher's aide
saw my situation and hung an award around the
bear's neck, so he would be like the rest of them...
just a little late.
We took pictures,
snuggled with the bears,
and sat down to eat our picnic...
only I forgot to bring his picnic!!!
What the heck...
It's a Teddy Bear Picnic
and I forgot the Teddy Bear AND
the picnic!
Luckily the teacher had some fruit to give Simon,
so he didn't starve.

The day ended up good.
He sang some songs about bears...

did activities that started with the letter "B"...

balance beam and squirting balloons...

and the day ended up not so bad.
He had a few tears here and there because he
was missing his bear and snack for a brief time...
but hey...he recovered quickly.
I didn't...
I felt terrible!
But ya know what...
I'm doing the best job I can!
Thankfully, Simon still loves me
and forgives his mommy in her "mommy moment."


The Currier Family said...

Sweet post, Jeanne. It's only funny cuz it is so not like you. :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a cute idea and a great way to spend a day! We all have our days... some are worse than others:) Our children are very forgiving at that age, and I think they are programmed that way for a reason... sometimes it all gets to be too much and we have a moment where we just can't do it all. I've been there, and I feel for you!

I sent you an email over the weekend... if you didn't get it, there's a little something for you and your blog in this post:

ashley said...

Jeanne! So I have a link to your blog on mine, and my friend Cristina did one of your art projects! Thought you might want to see :)

Hope your days are beautiful!